How to pass a hair drug test

Macujo Method Instructions

2018. április 19. - Alex Bobby

How to pass a hair follicle test

Many people ask how to pass a hair follicle test without risking to fail. Unfortunately its not possible, because not even the safest and most effective method is 100% safe. Hair follicle test goes back up to 90 days. Passing a hair drug test is the hardest drug test to pass.

While a saliva or blood drug test can be passed by simply not usingdrugs for 3-4 days with hair drug test its not that easy. The other problem is, passing a hair follicle drug test costs way more than a bottle of synthetic urine or detox drink.

Luckily hair drug tests are relatively rare, probably because doing this kind of test costs much more money than any other drug test.

What are the possible ways to pass a hair drug test?

There are 3 possible ways to pass a hair drug test:

  • The Macujo method
  • The Jerry G method
  • Shave it

While shaving your hair sounds like a good and easy idea I would not recommend it. First if they don’t find hair on your head, they can take from your:

Chest,armpit,legs,arms and so on..whereever they can find hair on your body, and I dont think you want to shave every single hair from your body.

Second: They are not stupid, if you shaved your hair they will know you have something to hide. They can tell you to come back a few days later when your facial hair grows back or they can just take, saliva, urine or blood to test that instead of your hair. I wouldn’t recommend this guys, trust me it won’t work.


The Macujo method- The best way to pass a hair follicle test

The macujo method is probably the most popular method, because, its:

  • Relatively safe
  • Doesn’t require shaving
  • Doesn’t ruin your hair

The only downside of this method is its price. It requires a few products and one of them is quite pricey. To use the macujo method you will need to invest around 2-250$, depends on where you buy the ingredients.

I don’t want to go deeper in this,we will discuss the macujo method in my next post, but what you need for this method are:

  1. Clean and clear pink shampoo
  2. Aloe Rid hair detox shampoo
  3. Vinegar
  4. Zydot ultra clean hair drug test shampoo
  5. The Jerry G method

I would recommend this method if you are very tight on budget and if you don’t really care about your hair, because this method will completely ruin your hair, after the drug test is done its better to shave it off, because it will damage your hair so bad.

It requires tide detergent,baking soda and some other nasty chemicals. This method is not as safe as the macujo method and like I said it will damage your hair permanently, but the success rate of this method isnt bad.

For a very detailed review of the Macujo method (step by step instructions, tips&tricks) visit:

So if you ask me, „how to pass a hair follicle test” then I suggest you to give the macujo method a try. It requires a few days to completely clean your hair of toxins, but it works for most people. If you follow the directions to the T then you will pass your hair drug test for sure.

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